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Our belief is to give boxer lovers the most loving, caring, healthy pups possible . We are not a puppy mill, and we do not believe in breeding for the "monitary gain" that "back yard breeders" do. We love the breed and all our animals are treated with the love and care that all animals deserve to have, just like "kids". We are dedicated members of "The American Boxer Charitable Foundation" and "The AKC Canine Health Foundation". At Krystal Klear we care about the health of all animals.

We encourage everyone to come visit our facility with an appointment. You'll see not only how our pups are kept, but also how all of our Boxers and cared for. Our Kennels have air conditioning, propane heating, indoor lighting, and rubber mats all to keep our animals as comfortable as possible. There is also plumbing so our dogs have access to fresh clean water at all times. Outdoors there is a fenced in area for the pups to run and exercise. This outdoor environment also provides an area for prospective buyers to come and play with their new pets before they make a buying decision.

We keep the pups together in an interactive environment, so that they can learn and bond. Our pups are visited regularly by a veterinarian to get the necessary shots and deworming needed for optimal health.

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